Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Big, Fat, Fluffy Flakes of SNOW!!!

Walking the pupcicle while it's snowing? Fun and magical....

Having the snow turn to sleet halfway through your walk? Not so fun or so magical...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm Sorry, But...

If I can hear your R.Kelly over my Metallica, your i-pod is TOO DAMN LOUD!

i'm just saying...for the sake of your hearing, you might wanna turn it down a decibel.

Monday, November 17, 2008

That's Dedication, BABY!

Were you watching Monday Night Football and see the Bills fan so dedicated (AKA CRAZY!) that he waxed two sections of his chest--one for the Bills buffalo and the other spot was written ESPN? Well, he certainly made it on tv....probably has frost bite for his dumbass standing without a shirt in 30F--22F with the windchill....

brrrrrrrr....glad I'm here on my couch in my fuzzy, flannel pj's...

Procrasinators/Slackers/Grad students Unite!

On Mondays I have a two classes and tutorial. So my tutorial group is standing in the hall waiting to go into the classroom...planning the best way to stretch out discussion about today's lecture, as we all realize that none of us has really done the 5 article readings that we assigned.

Nothing like the fear of being called on to recap an 10 page unread article to unite us into a game plan more intricate than any in the NFL...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So, I'm watching the news and the top story:

Local NJ councilman was reprimanded for peeing on a crowd.


Apparently, he was at a concert (Yanni perhaps?), sitting in the balconey and (I'm guessing) couldn't make it to the men's room and decided that the next best thing was to relieve himself onto the people below.

Don't know about you, but if I were his constituent, next election I'd be voting for the other guy...

Monday, October 27, 2008

See? See? I'm Not the Only One Who Noticed!!

I have a professor who does a lot of work on naturally occurring arsenic levels in soil and drinking water. One of the highest areas in the country is in New Hampshire, where he wanted to go and do studies on blood levels in residents to see how much they are absorbing from the water but decided on Maine. Why? Because

"have you ever seen a NH license plate? It says "live free or die" and they live by that! when you ask them to participate, they say no!"

See! I'm NOT the only person who noticed!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Take That Punkass!

So we're on the bus home and these 3 teenagers get on, one of which does't have fare and is begging the bus driver to let him on. It's raining, it's cold, the bus driver--i think--is about to agree...when his punkass friend walked to the front, grabbed his friend and said "just get on--he can't do anything."

well "he" turned OFF the bus and we sat there--with EVERYONE staring at the boys while the driver explained he's not going anywhere until the fare jumper and his disrespectful friend got off his bus. and there we sat...for a good 5 minutes until off in the distance police sirens could be heard...

needless to say, the fare jumper (who apologized), the punkass (who fled), and the other kid (who apologized) got off the bus....and along we went.

i wanted to applaud, but in a moment everyone went back to reading/listening to their ipod, talking, and soon the moment was gone.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where's Sister Maria When You Need Her?

Today I realized the importance of ipods on the train...when 9 teenagers came into my car (and by my car, I mean, the car in which I am sitting).

Now teenagers are loud anyway and there are no seats for them so they are all standing in the middle of the aisle, congregrated around one poor man, whom I believe I saw turning up his ipod.

Not that it would have helped, as all of a suddened they broke out into singing:

do mi re fa mi so fa la so ti la do mi re fa mi so fa la so ti la do mi re fa mi so fa la so ti la do....

over and over and what? are you kidding me? now they're singing in rounds! great. i'm sick and want to just be at home in bed, cuddling with the pupcicle, and here I am--stuck on the local train, making alllll stops, with the deliquent von Trapp children.


Friday, September 19, 2008

I Talk Good!!!

so apparently, I'm a little tired.

Last night while Brie and I were closing, rather than saying "keep bringing 'em (aka the dishes) to me"--i SHOUT...not talk loudly, not emphasize, but shout: "KEEP BRINGING ME 'UMMMMM"

wow. of course once Brie stopped laughing and could breathe and wiped the tears from her face, she acknowledged that might have been this best thing that has ever come out of my mouth.

Personally, I think perhaps she hit her head a bit hard when she fell UP the down escalator...I guess only time will tell...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hey! You Tawking to Me?

So does anyone know if Robert DeNiro has a brother who work for NYC MTA? I saw a guy in an MTA uniform sitting in the ferry terminal who looked exactly like Mr. DeNiro...

OH AND guess who I did see in the subway:

Tom looked like he'd been running in Central Park, so I wasn't getting too close...

Monday, September 8, 2008

Um, Pun Intended?

overheard in class re: transgender prostitutes, who are expected to perform as the male

"do you know how hard it is to keep your erection while taking massive doses of estrogen?"

Thursday, August 28, 2008

While I'm Neither Stacy nor Clinton...

I'm pretty sure I'm fashion-savvy enough to know that if you're going to be a freebird and not wear a bra, but yet want to wear a tank top, please do the world a favor and make sure it adequately covers your large sagging boobs. Not only would it be considered What Not To Wear, but nobody--especially me--needs to see that at 8am.

Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

You Know Perhaps You Should Be Grateful He Even Stopped...

My bus stop is under a bit of construction currently (I'm not quite sure how, but there's a HUGE hole in the street exactly in front of the bus stop), so it's anyone's guess where the bus driver will stop: before the bus stop, after the bus stop, in front of the bus stop but in the middle of street thus blocking traffic on one of Staten Island's busiest streets while waiting for everyone to pile on the bus. I should also mention that as the bus approaches the stop, it is going around a curve and downhill, so probably not the easiest stop to make. There has been more than one occasion where the bus driver, not paying attention or in a hurry or just didn't see me has driven past without so much as a backward glance.

So this morning, waiting on the bus...with the slowest walker on the planet in front of me (I know, I was following her down the sidewalk and because not only is she slow, she's also a weaver, I couldn't pass her). The bus stops LITERALLY 3 steps (I counted) from where she was standing. 3 STEPS and once she FINALLY heaved herself onto the bus starts yelling at the bus driver for passing us by and berating him for not wanting to stop for us.

WTF? 3 STEPS LADY...that is all you had to move...really, really you're going to yell at him because you had to take 3 STEPS to get on the bus?!?!?!?!?


Hmmm...Well That Explains A Lot!

No wonder I'm so confused/confusing...I took a questionnaire on AOL this morning trying to figure out if I'm right brained or left brained, out of the 10 questions asked, I answered 5 questions like a right brainer and 5 questions like a left brainer...

whadda ya suppose that means??

Monday, August 18, 2008

Tour Guide

I'm becoming quite the tour guide--perhaps I'll just do that instead of 2 jobs and school.

The secret: have visitors so exhausted by the end of their trip, they're not sure if they're coming or going and thus are quite sure they did everything :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

A Texas Democrat--Ain't No Such Thang!

So while Christi & Tracy were visiting we sought refuge from the rain one afternoon near my theatre job on the Upper West Side at a cool little bar call The Blue Donkey.

Of course, being Texans, Christi & I have to talk with everyone and soon we befriended people sitting at the bar. Here's the conversation that got the ball rolling:

Guy to Christi: "Do you live around here?"
Girl sitting next to Guy: "Are you nuts, look how they're dressed--they're tourists!"
Guy to Christi: "Really, where are you from?"
Tracy: "Texas."
Guy to Christi: "So what brings you to this bar?" (NOT a touristy place)
Christi (pointing to the blue donkey on the wall): "We're democrats!"
Laughter erupts!
Girl sitting next to Guy: "Wait, you mean there is such a thing as a Texas Democrat?"

ps--on a sad note, the Guy was very disheartened to learn that Tracy belonged to Christi and not to me. pooooor Guy....

Hey Lady Do You Mind???

While on the bus headed to escape the rain in a fabulous little bar on the Upper West Side called the Blue Donkey, Christi is attempting to get her insulin prescription renewed--which is turning into an ordeal.

She's on the phone with the pharmacist, who cannot hear her, so Christi is talking loudly. Not shouting, not yelling, just talking above a normal speaking voice. There are only 2 other people on the bus with Christi, TK, and I: an older gentleman and a grouchy old hag (any guesses as for whom this story will be about??)

The grouchy old hag turns around and yells at Christi "Do you mind? We all have lives and we all have problems but we don't need to hear yours!"

Christi does very well, and ignores her. Mrs. Hag is looking around for confirmation, when gentleman sighs and shakes his head at her in an "really, that was over-the-top, lady" kinda way.

TK is trying not to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all, and because Christi is still on the phone and still having a hard time being heard, I nearly bit my tongue in half trying not to tell Mrs. Hag to mind her own business.

The best part: later on, Mrs. Hag's on the phone talking LOUDER than Christi ever did...and again, I had to bite my tongue to prevent from being incredibly rude and very non-PC and saying "since you're being so loud and we have to listen to you anyway, you mind speaking in English so that we can all know what you're saying?" what? i refrained...

The kicker: is that later on there was a New Yorker talking even louder and about very inappropriate things for a general public bus ride and Ms. Hag didn't say one single, solitary word....

never a dull moment....never!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Yes, No, Maybe So...

I think I just saw Andy Pettitte (my favorite Yankees pitcher) walking into the subway as I was walking out!

Here was my thought process...I'm sure you can picture it well:

"SIGH. I don't really want to go to work tod--hmm...that guy looks like Andy Pettitte. No. Couldn't be. Andy Pettitte doesn't ride the subway! Why not? Anderson Cooper rides the subway."

ALL but staring at him as I'm going out the turnstile and he's coming in the one right next to me "holy fuck. it's Andy Pettitte! don't stare, just keep walking...."

well, maybe it was and maybe it wasn't...but that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dear April, Wendy, and Michael and Everyone else who wants to send me fun things in the mail OR are planning a visit...

To April: THANK YOU for not sending any drugs or bombs or drug or bomb related materials in your latest care package--it got a sniff down from the ferry dogs. To Wendy and Michael: see occasionally the ferry dogs work....not often, but occasionally.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Babes...

So we're on the uptown 4 train headed to YANKEE stadium. In a train car filled with people who are obviously going to the game.


Sitting next to Wendy is a little boy about 4--maaaybe 5--who's just enjoying the train ride, chatting about the game, mimicing the train sounds. Several stops before YANKEE stadium, the train actually surfaces, as it travels above ground in the Bronx. The boy looking around, looks at his dad and says "Have you noticed the further north you go, the poorer it gets?"

Friday, July 11, 2008

I Mean Really?

Do you think it's the best idea to have your Chinese Food Restaurant next door to an Animal Hospital?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

'Stache Day at Yankee Stadium...

Well you have to hand it to the Yankees for, um, supporting their players. Who else would create Moustache Day at their ballpark and give away free fake moustaches to the first 20,000 people who arrive at the stadium because one player grew a moustache, got out of a hitting slump, and was vying for the last spot on the All-Star Team???

Sunday, June 29, 2008


rain? in the middle of summer? WTF??? no, i did NOT bring an umbrella with me to go grocery shopping--it's SUMMER! and there wasn't a cloud in the sky when I left. However an hour later as I'm waiting for the bus with my groceries, the sky opens up and I'm drenched waiting for the bus....

you know, while I'm thinking about it, most of my weather WTF stories usually involve groceries...hmmm...maybe I should have them delivered...

Monday, June 23, 2008

Superpoke Bliss

SuperPoke! 1941 more friend(s) to reach the next level! (and get new actions!)

muwahahahahaha...i'm gonna be poking people left and right. wait...

Saturday, June 14, 2008


So I'm flying back to NYC via Dallas. I get on a plane from San Antonio to Dallas, where I am to switch planes to fly to NYC. As I'm boarding the plane in San Antonio, I notice that my flight stops over in Dallas (where I deboard and change terminals to switch planes) and then heads on into New York City.

Wow. The efficiency of American Airlines is genius! Almost as great as flying me from Austin to San Fran via a 4 hour layover in Salt Lake City....

Monday, June 9, 2008


I think Sheila has the right idea:

small simple backyard 7 min ceremony. gourmet meal afterwards with the most divine raspberry white chocolate cake. wait 'til all the church of christ in-laws leave and then break out the champagne. no stress, no fuss, just enjoying the day with a few close a FUCKING AWESOME red wedding dress!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

God Bless Dougie...

Dougie picks me up at the airport. Dougie takes me to get BBQ at Rudy's. Dougie takes me to Luckenbach for a beer. Dougie can pick me up at the airport ANYTIME....


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Move Your Issues Off the Road!

I'm sorry, but if it's 7:55 am on a weekday and you're driving down the main road to the Ferry Terminal, here's a tip:

don't drive 5mph. it's rude. almost as rude as slowing down even further to wave at people. if you wanna wave, find a parade. I'm all for being friendly, but not at the expense of missing my ferry, because if the bus driver is honking at you....your driving SUCKS!

Section 17

As was told to me by a coworker:

Immediately following this intercom announcement: "Security, please respond to Section 17. Security, Section 17." A very touristy looking woman ran up to her husband and in a panic gushed "I hope we're not in Section 17!"

I'm pretty sure they left the store not too long after that...

Monday, May 26, 2008

Okay, Stupid Ass...

Don't be sitting on your front steps, clapping your hands, making kissing noises, and saying "oh puppy, puppy" at my dog and then YELL at me when she comes over to you and wants you to pet her.

STUPID ASS what did you think she'd do? normally people will cross the street to avoid her and she thinks that she's about to make a new friend.

here's your sign...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm Sorry, The Niceties MUST Be Observed...

So, I'm waiting for the bus with 3 little old ladies and one little old man. It was my intention to let them ALLLLLLL get on before me.

UNTIL, that is, the little old man--and by little I mean the old-grouchy-pushy-grump, who nearly knocked over the little old ladies so that he could get on the bus first, even though he was the LAST person to arrive at the bus stop. Well, he OBVIOUSLY was not raised any better and I don't care if he was 98 (okay, really, he was probably 70ish), i slid in and conviently blocked his entry allowing the little old ladies to get on first...while conviently ignoring his yelling at me. perhaps i should've turned up my hearing aid!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Not As Quickly As I'd Like, But I'll Definitely Take It!

overheard getting off of the ferry yesterday:

Spurs over LA in 7


Monday, May 19, 2008

In Case You Forgot....

14 days 'til TEXAS!!!


That would be Thank God This Fucking Semester Is Over!

yes, i cursed. you'd be cursing to if it happened to you!!

I've Got Mail!

I got a box full of delicious and fun goodies!!! It was the perfect pick-me-up from the week from hell last week...THANKS APRIL the MAGNANIMOUS!!!

Here's A Tip

Here's a tip for taxi drivers in the 5 boroughs for wheedling out more of my hard earned cash for your tip:


and for the first time in my life i did NOT tip the driver. and I yelled back. AND i slammed the car door. (i know, i know--i've committed a plethora of southern sins in a span of 3 minutes)

2. Don't get pissy with me because i just screamed STOP! because your radio is BLARING and you can't hear the directions/address that I just gave you and you first missed the road that directly gets us there, and then missed my house because you couldn't hear me say stop the first 15 times and it's 10pm and we're now headed into the projects, where the police don't even venture after dark. and yes, he did get a small tip, but only because he knows where I live...

apparently Sunday--regardless of the time or borough--was NOT the day to take a taxi! grrr...

Friday, May 9, 2008

An Important Message from the National Peanut Farmers:

What else goes so well with beer AND chocolate?

General Housekeeping Tips

If your window doesn't stay open by itself, you can always use a bleach bottle.

If you're walking around in thongs (flip-flops) and they start rubbing blisters, use a napkin as a barrier between the flops and your feet.

If you're a plumber, you should consider wearing thongs (NOT flip flops), as I saw a girl bend over with her arse hanging out her pants and THANK GOD! she had on a thong, as I was seeing more crack than a Plumbers Convention. It was like a train wreck--you couldn't help but stare, even if you didn't wanna!

Under NO circumstances should you give anyone 8 shots of espresso....

Friday, May 2, 2008


Apparently no longer sells Beluga caviar...

Phooey on them!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Manna from Heaven

I think that if you find a phone on the bus and you use it to call Brooklyn 47 times, talking for 75 minutes to the SAME number, then you're a FUCKWIT and won't your Momma be proud...

But of course, since it was MY phone and MY minutes and it wasn't ME you were talking too, I'm a bit biased...

Thankfully Sprint in a very un-Sprint-like helpful fashion refunded my minutes (and thankfully it was only Brooklyn and not Timuktu!) and sent a replacement phone (with a $50 deposit of course)...of course, now I have to re-enter all of my contact information, not to mention all the ringers, photos, etc.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Oh and in case your wondering what an Ivy League education teaches you...

1. Before deep frying tarantula, you MUST torch the hairs on it's legs as they are toxic.
2. The NYC Department of Health closely monitors the sale of diarrheal medications.
3. If, during a seminar of a visiting professor, the fire alarm goes off, the ONLY person in the room--of about 200 people--who asks if we should evacuate is the visiting professor.
4. Sweden is the only country in the world who spends more than 10% of it's GDP on mental health (this was pointed out by visiting professor, just before the fire alarm goes off...coincidence? you decide...)

Did you know....

Blue dresses are the slutty dresses?

Yep. Must be true--heard it on the subway....

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


ha ha ha...'nough said...

Monday, April 21, 2008

Don't mess with....New Hampshire?

License plates with state mottos:

Texas, The Lone Star State
Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Lakes
New York, The Empire State

New Hampshire, Live Free or Die....

um..okay...note to self: be nice to that neighbour!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Little Thing Called TMI...

So I'm on the train (yes, I'm ALWAYS on the train)...and this lady starts talking about trying to raise money for HIV+ children whose mother/father/main parental unit is in prison.

Alright fine....she gives the name, address, and web address for the charity organization she's working for--to give a bit more validity to her begging (yes, i have become that jaded, thankyouverymuch)....

then she launches into her life story: she's 50, she has 8 children--all from the same husband, 2 grandchildren. a husband that she had been married to for 26 years. a husband she came home to find in bed with a man. a husband who gave her HIV. a husband whom she tried to kill. "That's right, ladies and gentlemen, I was a resident of Singer for 7 years!" (which also explains the divorce)

needless to say, she had EVERYONE's attention...and even the most hard-core-i've-seen-and-heard-it-all-New-Yorker was shifting a bit uncomfortably in his or her (but especially his) seat.

well, i guess on the positive side, i've met someone who's been to Rikers....and no, i didn't give her a dollar....


I'm heading to the train...and from behind me I hear a lady "can anyone give me two dollars? two--or wait....five dollars? anyone? i'd really, really like five dollars..."

Monday, April 14, 2008

Whadda ya mean....

I can fly round trip right now to St. Maarten for the same price as I can fly ONE way to Austin or San Antonio? That's just wrong! wrong! wrong!

Monday, April 7, 2008

traveling travesties...

Here are things heard/seen en route to class or work:

1. Who the F*** names their kid Gage? Really? Really? Why don't you just pin a sign on him that says "please beat me up, my parents are wankers!" oh you like the name Gage?

ahem...sorry got sucked into tagging the pics of New Years and my trip to MN...

2. Sat with a group of 5th-ish graders who were on their way to the Natural History proudly announced "when I grow up, I don't wanna work." wow. who knew that was an option?!?!?!?

3. So there's this guy on the subway who's talking--looking at the window across from his seat--i thought checking his hair and talking on his bluetooth...but no...turns out he was talking to his reflection in the window--telling it (you'll love this) "i know it was you that got me fired. don't think i don't know. you just need to get me my shit and get me back in or i'll go over your head with the boss down the street." he was gesturing and everything. needless to say, the girl sitting across from him, got up and switched seats--in another car...

4. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEuwwwwwwwwwwwww...this car smells like dead, rotting flesh. no seriously, i'm checking for body parts. EVERYONE got off at the next stop and switched to a different car. it was absolutely disgusting. how no one puked is beyond me. once safely in fresh air, we all just laughed.

5. Saw your doppleganger. CRAZY--red hair and all....she even had your mannerisms. you were 'bout to be in trouble for coming into town without telling me...although the boy you were with was kinda cute...

6. So I'm on the subway going from school to temp job when this punk ass kid across from me throws his GUM on the floor in front of the door. wanker! i'm about to say something when I decided no, I'd just warn the next person that walked through the door to watch out that kid threw his gum on the floor. Alas, no one came through the door...I noticed that punk ass kid is finishing the candy that caused the gum to be spit out in the first place and he's in the process of crumpling up the box (no doubt about to throw it on the floor), so I didn't say a word, shook my head (in a unFUCKingbelievable way) got up, picked up the gum with a napkin and sat back down. Still didn't say a word....but noticed that punk ass kid put his empty candy box in his pocket and I'd like to think that he threw it in the trash...i know, realistically it ended up on the ground somewhere else...but a girl can dream...a girl can dream...

7. Waiting for the ferry, standing in line in front of this mom and her daughter. Mom is laughing, daughter (about 6 or 7) says "Don't laugh at me." Mom says, "I wasn't laughing at you, I was laughing because it was funny." To which the daughter replied "uh, no it wasn't!" doh!

8. For some reason, I can't stop thinking about bowling!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hey Yo!

So I'm grabbing a coffee, adding cream, trying to semi-rush to get to class to get a seat when this PUNK walks up to me and says:

"Hey Yo! Gimme a dollar."

I stop. I look at him--in the face, make eye contact, look him up and down. Said no. Walked off.

Gimme a dollar? Took every ounce of energy to not say "Hey Yo! Kiss My Ass"

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Staten Island!

According to the DoH website (from the seminar I just took) Staten Island had the highest rates of binge drinking and marijuana use of all the boroughs....niiiiice...

Friday, March 28, 2008

interesting musings...

1. Cute boy at laundymat was a bit distracting and I ended up with my clothes in one washer and the soap and fabric softener in another one...doh! no sneaky way to correct that flub!!

2. The 99cent Store--Where Everything is 99cents and Up!

3. mmmmm....peanut butter cookies.......

4. Have FINALLY found a JETS store (it's in the Staten Island mall) when you're jonesing for JETS gear, I'm your girl!!

5. Remember the big covered things in the (SI side) Ferry esplande? Turns out they're HUGE filled with pretty, really big fish...


1. YAY! they're playing Flogging Molly at work!!
2. Speaking of, oops--went in last Saturday morning, to be told that (ummm...hello), I would be closing. Found someone to work for me, so I stayed...only to have someone else call out, so I ended up having a split shift...
3. Grrrrr...still on closing on Sundays....maybe I should call out...


New Hampshire....giggle

Baaaad Fashion

1. I don't care how good you look and if it is after Easter, when you hit 60 you shouldn't wear TIGHT TIGHT (holy crap how do her legs have any circulation?) white pants.

2. WHY WHY WHY do gorgeous men who are nicely dressed INSIST upon wearing BAD/UGLY shoes....wrong! wrong! wrong!