Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm Sorry, The Niceties MUST Be Observed...

So, I'm waiting for the bus with 3 little old ladies and one little old man. It was my intention to let them ALLLLLLL get on before me.

UNTIL, that is, the little old man--and by little I mean the old-grouchy-pushy-grump, who nearly knocked over the little old ladies so that he could get on the bus first, even though he was the LAST person to arrive at the bus stop. Well, he OBVIOUSLY was not raised any better and I don't care if he was 98 (okay, really, he was probably 70ish), i slid in and conviently blocked his entry allowing the little old ladies to get on first...while conviently ignoring his yelling at me. perhaps i should've turned up my hearing aid!

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