Friday, March 28, 2008

interesting musings...

1. Cute boy at laundymat was a bit distracting and I ended up with my clothes in one washer and the soap and fabric softener in another one...doh! no sneaky way to correct that flub!!

2. The 99cent Store--Where Everything is 99cents and Up!

3. mmmmm....peanut butter cookies.......

4. Have FINALLY found a JETS store (it's in the Staten Island mall) when you're jonesing for JETS gear, I'm your girl!!

5. Remember the big covered things in the (SI side) Ferry esplande? Turns out they're HUGE filled with pretty, really big fish...


1. YAY! they're playing Flogging Molly at work!!
2. Speaking of, oops--went in last Saturday morning, to be told that (ummm...hello), I would be closing. Found someone to work for me, so I stayed...only to have someone else call out, so I ended up having a split shift...
3. Grrrrr...still on closing on Sundays....maybe I should call out...


New Hampshire....giggle

Baaaad Fashion

1. I don't care how good you look and if it is after Easter, when you hit 60 you shouldn't wear TIGHT TIGHT (holy crap how do her legs have any circulation?) white pants.

2. WHY WHY WHY do gorgeous men who are nicely dressed INSIST upon wearing BAD/UGLY shoes....wrong! wrong! wrong!