Monday, October 27, 2008

See? See? I'm Not the Only One Who Noticed!!

I have a professor who does a lot of work on naturally occurring arsenic levels in soil and drinking water. One of the highest areas in the country is in New Hampshire, where he wanted to go and do studies on blood levels in residents to see how much they are absorbing from the water but decided on Maine. Why? Because

"have you ever seen a NH license plate? It says "live free or die" and they live by that! when you ask them to participate, they say no!"

See! I'm NOT the only person who noticed!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Take That Punkass!

So we're on the bus home and these 3 teenagers get on, one of which does't have fare and is begging the bus driver to let him on. It's raining, it's cold, the bus driver--i think--is about to agree...when his punkass friend walked to the front, grabbed his friend and said "just get on--he can't do anything."

well "he" turned OFF the bus and we sat there--with EVERYONE staring at the boys while the driver explained he's not going anywhere until the fare jumper and his disrespectful friend got off his bus. and there we sat...for a good 5 minutes until off in the distance police sirens could be heard...

needless to say, the fare jumper (who apologized), the punkass (who fled), and the other kid (who apologized) got off the bus....and along we went.

i wanted to applaud, but in a moment everyone went back to reading/listening to their ipod, talking, and soon the moment was gone.