Tuesday, December 28, 2010

(un)Conditional, um, Love?

Still Day 2 after the blizzard: home late, long day, and decide I just wanna get in my jammies and order chinese.  So I call the Chinese place up the road, hoping they didn't close early.  They finally answer (either they're really busy or contemplating whether or not to answer) and when i ask for delivery, the response was "maybe [loooong pause] where?...sigh [another looooong pause] okay, fine. what you want?"

well, you gotta love the honesty.

Yeah, Shut Up...Or Better Yet, Get Off!

Day 2 After Blizzard: Buses are running, albeit verrrrry slowly.  In fact, I missed 2 ferries whilst waiting...but anticipated this (kinda), so I wasn't too fussed.  Finally get on a very packed bus and 2 stops later a young woman got on the bus and starts berating the bus driver about how she's been waiting for nearly 30 minutes.  What's up with that?

She was quite shocked and gobsmacked when the driver, rather than apologizing, said "Only 30 minutes?  You should be thankful because there are people on the bus that had to wait for an hour and thirty minutes!  I'm sure they don't wanna hear you complain about only having to wait 30 minutes!"