Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Irony Is, Well, Ironical...

So I went to the Gay Pride Parade with a few friends today. Had a great time, but let me just make the following comments:

1. I find it highly unfair that I was surrounded by many, many, many gorgeous men, all of whom were interested in...checking each other out.

2. To all the women wearing white bras and shorts/pants/skirts: really? you couldn't have at least found a pretty or colorful bra to wear?? maybe a swim suit top, which would have been waaay more appropriate??? I get that you wanted to show lots of skin (whether or not you should) and it was hot, but who told you this was appropriate attire for leaving the house? More importantly, WHY on earth did you listen to them??


So I'm on the subway and notice something on my shoe. Thinking it's a bit of paper, I went to pull it off, only to discover that it is actually a band-aid, which is now sticking to my hand....which i'm trying to fling off (quite unsuccessfully) while trying not to loudly squeal "eeuuwww! eeeuuuww!!!"

finally managed to get it off my hand, not even caring that it's on the floor (and will probably end up back on my shoe), wondering if I have anything to clean my hands. as i'm rifling through my bag with my non-band-aid attacked hand, I look up to see a lady holding out anti-bacterial gel (with a slightly disgusted-why-did-you-even-touch-it-in-the-first-place look on her face). my anti-bacterial savior: thank you! thank you! thank you!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tourists....OBVIOUSLY! up to my grandmother's (that would be Ome for those of you who know her) nickname: Miss Grace (as in, I'm anything BUT graceful)...

I slipped and fell yesterday on 33rd Street between 7th & 8th (for those of you wondering, yes, right outside of Borders). It was all in slow-mo and for a split second I didn't think I was going down but alas, the foot I was using to balance myself slid onto a manhole lid and just kept sliding.

It was, however, quite graceful in that I slid to the ground, took a knee, and then sat. All without--at least to my knowledge--flashing anyone, because, well, OF COURSE i was in a skirt!

IMMEDIATELY, I was swarmed by about 6 people, all inquiring if I was okay and several offering to help me up....tourists, definitely, tourists.