Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tourists....OBVIOUSLY! up to my grandmother's (that would be Ome for those of you who know her) nickname: Miss Grace (as in, I'm anything BUT graceful)...

I slipped and fell yesterday on 33rd Street between 7th & 8th (for those of you wondering, yes, right outside of Borders). It was all in slow-mo and for a split second I didn't think I was going down but alas, the foot I was using to balance myself slid onto a manhole lid and just kept sliding.

It was, however, quite graceful in that I slid to the ground, took a knee, and then sat. All without--at least to my knowledge--flashing anyone, because, well, OF COURSE i was in a skirt!

IMMEDIATELY, I was swarmed by about 6 people, all inquiring if I was okay and several offering to help me up....tourists, definitely, tourists.


april said...

You wear skirts?

me! said...

shocking but true!!