Friday, August 15, 2008

A Texas Democrat--Ain't No Such Thang!

So while Christi & Tracy were visiting we sought refuge from the rain one afternoon near my theatre job on the Upper West Side at a cool little bar call The Blue Donkey.

Of course, being Texans, Christi & I have to talk with everyone and soon we befriended people sitting at the bar. Here's the conversation that got the ball rolling:

Guy to Christi: "Do you live around here?"
Girl sitting next to Guy: "Are you nuts, look how they're dressed--they're tourists!"
Guy to Christi: "Really, where are you from?"
Tracy: "Texas."
Guy to Christi: "So what brings you to this bar?" (NOT a touristy place)
Christi (pointing to the blue donkey on the wall): "We're democrats!"
Laughter erupts!
Girl sitting next to Guy: "Wait, you mean there is such a thing as a Texas Democrat?"

ps--on a sad note, the Guy was very disheartened to learn that Tracy belonged to Christi and not to me. pooooor Guy....

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