Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where's Sister Maria When You Need Her?

Today I realized the importance of ipods on the train...when 9 teenagers came into my car (and by my car, I mean, the car in which I am sitting).

Now teenagers are loud anyway and there are no seats for them so they are all standing in the middle of the aisle, congregrated around one poor man, whom I believe I saw turning up his ipod.

Not that it would have helped, as all of a suddened they broke out into singing:

do mi re fa mi so fa la so ti la do mi re fa mi so fa la so ti la do mi re fa mi so fa la so ti la do....

over and over and what? are you kidding me? now they're singing in rounds! great. i'm sick and want to just be at home in bed, cuddling with the pupcicle, and here I am--stuck on the local train, making alllll stops, with the deliquent von Trapp children.



G. S. Zhang said...


That's like something off a sit-com.

Or a surreal trip to hell.

me! said...'s all about the same :)