Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm Waiting...Waiting...Waiting...

so I'm taking a food handlers course, as required by work and it's online, which is great; however, each module has a predetermined study time limit, so usually I read through every module twice, click on the "take the test button" and am told I have not spent enough time reading the materials.  I then have to wait until it thinks I'm ready to take the test.  NEWS FLASH: i'm not doing any additional studying here.  I'm updating twitter, FB, and watching the football game.

Anyway, I'm currently waiting to take the test for a module named "Personal Hygiene," which I think is fairly straight-forward and with a bit of common sense anyone could probably pass this quiz without reading any of the module...alas, I wait.

While waiting, the last page usually recaps the module and in this case, I feel that it's my public service announcement to issue the following:

At the beginning of each workday, ask yourself the following seven questions:
Did I shower or take a bath before coming to work?
Am I sick with a fever, cold or diarrhea?
Do I have any infected cuts or burns?
Are my nails clean, trimmed and free from nail polish?
Are my apron and clothing clean?
Did I remove my jewelry?
Am I wearing my hat, cap or hairnet?

yep.  not rocket science, and i trust you can use deductive reasoning how to fix each question (ie. take a shower, clip your nails, don't go to work if you have a fever, cold, or diarrhea).  Meanwhile, I have to wait at least 20 more minutes to take the quiz.


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