Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Well That's Certainly Good Information To Have...

Overheard in the library today:

med student #1 (yes, i know he was a med student, as he was loudly discussing having to schedule his boards for this summer with med student #2, who just got finished scheduling hers...OI! PEOPLE! this is a LIBRARY, i'd rather not listen to your conversation, thankyouverymuch....but if you're going to be accommodating and make it entertaining, then i'm going to blog about it...)

And since I'm interrupting anyway, Butler--for those of you not familiar with Columbia University--is the main library at the downtown campus (or as Momma calls it "the pretty campus, why can't you take classes here??")

ahem, where was I? oh yeah...

Med student #1: Eeeuww, I can't go study in Butler, those people stink in there.

Med student #2: ha ha ha...what? stink? like they don't bathe?

Med student #1: Nooo, well, maybe, but it's hot and smelly and they're all sweaty. It's too hard to concentrate, I'd rather just stay here, it's not as close to home, but smells A LOT better.

um. thanks, i think...

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