Monday, February 22, 2010

If You Don't Like Being Accidentally Bumped, Then Perhaps The New York City Public Transportation System Isn't For You.

I'm on the subway this evening--and it's about 7pm, so still within the confines of "rush hour"--on a fairly crowded subway. There is a lady who, along with her backpack, is taking up at least 2, but more like 3, seats and had her arm on the armrest with her elbow hanging completely off the other side.

Standing on the fairly crowded subway is a young teenage girl, who is holding on, but looses her balance just enough to bump into the aforementioned lady's elbow around every time the train starts or stops. After a couple of stops the lady sitting down taking up 2-3 seats on the fairly crowded subway with her elbow sticking out, yells at the girl standing up "is it necessary for you to bump into me?"

really, lady? as I'm standing with 3 bags of groceries, i'd happily trade places with you and the girl can bump into me as much as she wants...oh wait! perhaps after the first stop, I'd MOVE MY ELBOW...

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